Garrison Buxton – Curator / Organizer

AHA and PMP highlight the areas of street art, pop surrealism, lowbrow, illustration, comic book, tattoo, and printmaking, as well as the larger and extensive history of underground art, activism, and graffiti. They are vehicles for artists who are passionate, committed to their craft, and challenging the boundaries of a “Fine Art” isolated from society at large and are dedicated to showing and creating work that is often marginalized by the more conventional and established art scene.

Buxton has executed public art projects across the US (California, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Louisiana…) and around the globe (Peru, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands).

Currently he is fixing up a late 1700’s family homestead in Vermont, which also happens to be where legendary WPA painter and printmaker Harry Shokler lived and worked in the 1900’s. Shokler was a key figure in transforming screen printing from being known as an industrial application to being recognized as a fine art form.  At his art farm homestead, Buxton focus on promoting sustainability, earth-friendly building techniques, gardening, printmaking, painting, back to the land movements, and activist history, among other symbiotic educational nuggets.  The modus operandi: Fear Less, Love More; Solidarity forever; Make things; With many arms our reach is wide; Forever we are one.

Lisa Vehrenkamp –  Street Art Enthusiast & Urban Photographer

Lisa is a street art enthusiast and urban photographer hunting for graffiti and street art around the world. She is also a digital and social media marketer who works with small businesses such as authors, artists, charities and others to achieve their goals. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the Welling Court Mural Project.

Instagram @streetartahead

Twitter @lisavehrenkamp

Luna Park – Photographer

Katherine Lorimer (aka Luna Park) is a Brooklyn-based graffiti and street art enthusiast, photographer, curator and librarian. As co-founder and regular contributor to The Street Spot blog, she is passionate about urban art and supportive of all creative endeavors to redefine public space. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago and have appeared in leading street art books and magazines. She has presented her observations on street art at the Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library and guest lectured for the ‘History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti’ course at Long Island University.

Ryan Seslow – Web Designer

aka “SLOW” is a visual artist, graphic designer, and professor of art living and working in New York. Working in a variety of applied arts and new media technologies Seslow shows his work both on and off the web. He teaches various fine art, graphic design, & new media courses for graduate and undergraduate level programs simultaneously between four colleges in the metropolitan NY area. He is the curator of Concrete to Data & the Co-Curator of Encrypted Fills & Animating Transit. He is currently teaching an all animated GIF & Net Art class for the Black Mountain School this summer. He has been a participating artist in the WCMP since 2012.