About the Welling Court Mural Project::

The Welling Court Mural Project began after members of the Welling Court community met at Ad Hoc Art’s Bushwick gallery, and invited Ad Hoc Art to come up with a vision to beautify their neighborhood. Thus, having the community support and a timely visit by Poland’s wall-crushing M-City, the first mural was painted in the freezing temperatures of December 2009. Ad Hoc used the rest of the winter to plan the launch of the first multi-block mural project that occurred in May 2010 comprising over 40 murals. Continually melding a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a diverse mix of fresh talent, the Project now hosts over 140 murals by artists from around the corner and around the world, providing new arrays of visual experiences that change how people experience and interact with their environment.

With the participating artists spanning over 50 years of public work, the Welling Court Mural Project is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden gem of NYC! Free and open to the public 24/7/365.

Artists Include: Abe Lincoln, Jr., Adam Dare, AM, Alison Buxton, Andy Golub, AVOID, Beau Stanton, BIA3, Billy Mode, Cake, Caleb Neelon, Cekis, Cern, Cey Adams, Christopher Cardinale, Chris RWK, Chris Soria, Chris Stain, Chuck Berrett, Col Wallnuts, COSBE, Cram Concepts, CRASH, Crisp, D Gale, Damien Mitchell, Dan Witz, Danielle Mastrion, Daryll Peirce, Dasic Fernandez, DAZE, Depoe, Don Leicht, Elle, Ellis Gallagher, EpicUno, Evan Cairo, Free5, Fumero, Garrison Buxton, gilf!, Greg Lamarche, Hellbent, HESS, Icy & Sot, Intro, JC, J Corp, Jamie Hef, Jerms, Jeromy Velasco, Joe Iurato, Joel Artista, John Breiner, John Fekner, Joseph Meloy, Katie Yamasaki, Kid Lew, Kimyon Huggins, KR One, Kris Kanaly, KWUE Molly, Lady Pink, Lexi Bella, Lmnopi, LogikOne, MagdaLove, MAST, Mastro, Matthew C Ellis, Michael Robinson, Meres One, MR. PRVRT, Never, PANIC, Peat Wollaeger, Praxis, Pyramid Oracle, Python, Queen Andrea, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Raquel Echanique, Rene Gagnon, Rob Sharp, Royal Kingbee, Roycer, Rubin415, Russell King, Ryan Seslow, SEBS, SeeOne, Sest2, Shiro, Sinned, Smith, Solus, Sonni, SpazeCraft, Subtexture, Steven Cogle, Thundercut, TOPAZ, TooFly, Veng RWK, Vera Times, Wane COD, WORE, Xavi Panneton, YesOne, Zam, ZESO, Zheik, Zimad, & more from the Ad Hoc Art family…

Together, with the help of myriad others from the community and beyond, this project grows each year, receiving a wide range of interest and acclaim, from the likes of The New York Times, US News and World Report, Huffington Post, NBC Universal, NY1, HyperAllergic, Brooklyn Street Art, 12oz Prophet, StreetArtNYC, Street Art NY, and and many others.

In love and solidarity; forever we are one.

Ad Hoc Art